10 Day Longer Break guided by Gail Scrivener
19 – 29 September 2017

Tasmania is My Garden

From Jane Teniswood, Chair Blooming Tasmania Association

Blooming Tasmania Association is a state-wide body working closely with Tourism Tasmania and others to promote garden tourism. At the recent international tourism conference, Dr. Richard Benfield, author of ‘Garden Tourism’, estimated that annually there are 120 million garden tourists worldwide and that if garden events, like garden festivals and garden shows were included along with commercially operated garden tours, “the number would reach more than 300 million”. It is therefore clearly the world’s number one industry.

The decision to initiate an annual Blooming Tasmania Flower & Garden Festival has led the organization in new and exciting directions and to embrace the possibilities of expanding Tasmania’s share of garden tourism.

The festival theme, “Tasmania is My Garden” provides an opportunity to connect those across the State who have a passion for promoting Tasmania, its gardens, wilderness and in exploring new ways of visiting the past, enjoying the present and imagining the future.

At the 2017 Blooming Tasmania Flower & Garden Festival you will meet friendly, passionate people who create different styles of gardens from heritage to wild native garden walks.

The CHS ten day tour to Tasmania takes place from the 19th – 29th September 2017. It will incorporate a day at the Festival in Launceston, as well as many beautiful garden visits in and around both Launceston and Hobart, these will be profiled in our forthcoming newsletters, along with the history and culture of this unique Australian state.

Commandant William Champ’s lifelong passion was plants and gardens. He even preferred them to beer! Port Arthur gardens are one of the most appealing features and a highlight for most visitors to Hobart. From cottage gardens that were reminders of “Home” to productive vegetable patches and orchards, to Avenues of Oaks and Elms, it is a landscape rich in history. “Something of this kind was much needed for the ladies of the settlement”

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