The Blooming Tasmania & Launceston Flower Show Longer Break runs from 19 – 29 September 2017.  A fully guided tour with 11 days of amazing garden visits, 4 star accommodation, return airfares and most meals. Download the brochure

Day Two of our Tasmanian Tour includes a visit to Wychwood Garden at Mole Creek.

Early in 2016 Melbourne city gardeners David Doukidis and Matt Bendall bought the property from its creators and long-time owners Peter Cooper and Karen Hall. Taking on one of Tasmania’s well known favourite gardens is daunting enough but opening it to the Public after a major flood event is even more daunting, but that is what happened at Wychwood, Mole Creek.

David and Matt moved to Wychwood in early winter just in time to witness the deluging rain that washed through northern Tasmania in June 2016. The garden’s creek flooded engulfing much of the lower garden. As the water receded they discovered the creek had carved a new course and much of it was blocked with logs.

Much of their time was spent clearing debris and repairing flood damage rather than spent in garden beds and plant propagation as planned. Around a third of the property was inundated by the floodwaters, which also washed away fences and young trees along with some artwork and garden benches.

 David-Doukidis-and-Matt-Bendall Matt speaks to Jennifer Stackhouse (previous editor of ABC’s “Gardening Australia” magazine and regular contributor for the Saturday magazine in “The Mercury”)

“We’ve literally moved hundreds of wheelbarrow loads of debris and feel like we’ve had a bonfire burning 24/7 since we arrived,” he says, “but we’ve learnt a lot from the floods and know a lot now about respecting the vagaries of nature in the country.

“We were city folk so things that country folk know about we’ve had to learn to do like fencing and dealing with logs. Our neighbours and local gardeners have been wonderful and have really helped us to find our way.”

The garden covers just over a hectare with rare and heritage apple orchards, roses and perennials and many beautiful cool climate trees. Even without the floods, there’s plenty to be done to keep the garden looking good including mowing, pruning and mulching.

One of the features that attracted David and Matt to Wychwood was its nursery. They have big plans to continue to have the nursery open and stocked with rare cool climate plants that they’ve propagated from the garden but they’ll be starting small and later than planned. In Spring we should see espalier apples in bloom along with fritillaries, which are a picture with hellebore in the woodland area at the front of the garden. Wychwood is renowned for its species and old roses including the beautiful Rosa glauca.

This beautiful garden is not to be missed and will be another highlight included in our Blooming Tasmania Itinerary
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