Entries close: Wednesday 28 January 2015
Judging: Sunday 1st February 2015

Download the Entry Form here

Award Classes


Class 1 Sun Newspaper Award
Gardens over 900 sq.metres.
Class 2 R E McDougall Award
Gardens 500 -900 sq.metres.
Class 3 Mrs A C Johns Award
Gardens up to 500 sq.metres.
Class 4 Watling Award
House and garden under 3 years old.
Class 5 Canterbury Horticultural Society Doyle Award
For winners of the previous year’s classes 1 – 4.
Class 6 John Taylor Award
Open to first time entrants and other entrants who have not previously received a 4 star or higher award for their garden. No restriction on garden size.


Class 7 Peter Skellerup Award
Retirement Homes, Hospitals, Schools and Clubs. (Other than bowling clubs)
Class 8 Bowling Clubs Award
Bowling Clubs
Class 9 Ron Proctor Award
Hotels, Motels, Backpackers and B&Bs
Class 10 T J Edmonds Award
Businesses and Factories
Class 11 Ron Fowler Award
For winners of the previous years classes 7 – 10.


Class 12  For gardens of a community nature where the local community is involved in the development, maintenance and general upkeep of the garden.


Class 13 For gardens that demonstrate the use of organic gardening principles.



R T Tosswill Memorial Award
This Award will be issued to the Premier Home Garden from classes 1 – 5 To be judged by a separate panel.
Cadian Shield Award
Presented by an anonymous donor for the home garden gaining the highest points aggregated for the spring and following summer garden awards.  No restriction as to area of garden.
Special Feature Awards
SF1 For trees and shrubs
SF2 For perennials and annuals
SF3 For vegetables
SF4 For lawns
SF5 For pond and/or water feature
SF6 For fuchsias
SF7 For climbers and trailers
SF8 For tuberous begonias


SF9 North Canterbury Flour Milling Award
This award will be issued to the Premier Garden from classes 7 – 11.
To be judged by a separate panel.
SF10 Academy Funeral Services Award
For an outstanding feature in a commercial property.


1. The awards are open to all gardens, private and commercial.
2. The use of artificial flowers is not permitted.
3. Awards will be issued only if the garden has obtained 65% or more of the possible marks obtainable. Awards are made for 5 Star (80% and above), 4 Star Plus (75% to 79%), 4 Star (65% to 74%) and Certificate of Merit (60% to 64%) gardens accordingly.
4. Home Gardens. An entrant who has won previously in classes 1-4 may not enter the same class the succeeding year, but may enter class 5 in that year.
5. Commercial & Institution Gardens. An entrant who has won previously in classes 7-10 may not enter the same class the succeeding year but may enter class 11 in that year.
6. Owners of award-winning gardens are encouraged to allow their gardens to be included in official Canterbury Horticultural Society tours for up to 4 weeks from judging.
7. Entry to the award is free.
8. Entrants shall not be eligible to act as judges for classes they have entered.
9. Special awards for home and commercial gardens are available as detailed in the brochure. NOTE: All entries must state the size of the garden in square metres. This information is available on the rates demand from the Council.

NOTE: All entries must state the size of the garden in square metres. This information is available on the rates demand from the Council. To assist where these measurements are not known, some examples of equivalent former land units are given as follows.
20 perches  =  500 square metres
24 perches  =  600 square metres
30 perches  =  750 square metres
35 perches  =  900 square metres
40 perches  =  1000 square metres


Points for each category 1-5 out of possible 100 Max Points
Criteria includes basic design principles such as balance, proportion, unity, harmony (including colour) and with all built elements soundly constructed and/or secured.
2 Trees and shrubs (includes hardwood climbers, fruit trees and bushes).
3 Flowers & Foliage Softwood Plants. Includes perennials, biennials, annuals, bulbs, softwood climbers, vegetables and herbs. 100
4 Garden Floor. Includes lawns and ground/cover plants used as a substitute for lawn. 100
Criteria includes: Maintenance appropriate to style of garden, general health/vigour of plants including freedom from pests, diseases and disorders, absence of weeds and presentation of garden generally.
Sub Total 500
TOTAL MARKS: ÷ Sub Total by 5 100

*Criterion includes: Choiceness/selection including the use of improved forms/cultivars, quality and maturity of plants.

Garden Floor
For garden floor where neither lawn or ground cover plants are present points may be allocated for other non plant garden floor applications such as paving, pebbles and the like. Criteria includes quality of products used and their practicality in the particular situation.